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Our History

New Step 4 U began with the aim to bring the healing arts to people. Over the past few years, the team has worked with several communities and individuals to help discover the joy of art and its benefits. 

Here is a glimpse of our journey through the years and our proudest moments.


After a firsthand experience with trauma, Marina Mais - founder of New Step found herself unable to go back to her normal life. She found that she was lethargic and lost, unsure of what to do next with her life, or how to heal and move forward. The one constant in Marina’s life was that she was an artist, a dancer, a creator and that she inherit desire to make art took her along a process of healing, whether he knew it was or not. After making art to quell her demons she found that the energy of being creative, the act of creating something into nothing, put her into a place of normalcy once again. It was almost like medicine.


This led Marina to a valuable conclusion, that if the pure act of creation, that the influence of a creative muse was able to put her along the path of healing, perhaps this would work for others in similar circumstances.

Thus the creation of New Step 4 U. A organization with the goal to give people the tools to create, to express, and ultimately throughout the process, to heal.


As a professional choreographer and Birthday Parties, entertainer Marina started Birthday Hopes - Parties for underserved kids, kids from low-income families and youth in shelters. Dance with emotions for Abused women and teenage pregnant girls.

First 3D printing pen workshops for Youth at Caledon Youth centre and Richmond Hill 360 kids shelter. 

Birthday Cake for Canada with Love connected 600 people, partnership with 30+ organizations

Knitting loom

Fashion show for disabled people


Many projects to support newcomers, seniors and people with disabilities. Sing for peace to support artists. 

First Trail of Hope stories


During the Snow and Ice Festival, the City of Markham and the Government of Harbin collaborated. This Festival was the first time the Trail of Hope was displayed to the public. Festival guests, including international people, were inspired by other people's stories. Over 300 stories have been shared with  During the ice and snow festival, there was an ice carving event, and it allowed people to create artwork using 3D printing pens. Many organizations started paying closer attention to mental health at their workplace and the knowledge on how to deal with stress. New Step 4 U is all about innovations and incorporating technology. The first virtual reality sessions were brought in this year to help the seniors get the opportunity to explore other places virtually. Some of these places included an underwater scene, the place they were born, and traveling on a plane to go somewhere. It allowed them to have an active life without them having to physically travel anywhere.


In Markham, the International Women's Day was the first time the 3D printing pen festival took place. New step 4 U brought the attention of art and technology to promote the importance it has on people's lives. The Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) is a big event of professionals that come out to help advocate for a healthy workplace to make people more aware and understanding the importance of preventing a mental health breakdown. They focus on mental health fitness and mental health hygiene. Promoting good mental health methods at a workplace may improve issues when people go home to their families, so they understand how to cope with mental illness. It’s very important to take care of your mental health, and HRPA does an exceptional job of educating people.  

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