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Guide to Explore
Mental and Physical Wellbeing

About Mental Health - your inner weather

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Just like we all have physical health, we all have mental health. How we feel on the inside, or how we feel emotionally, is a part of our personal wellbeing. It's like the weather inside your body.

The health of our minds is as important as the health of our bodies. It has a big effect on how we feel about our daily lives and on our ability to do the things we need and want to do, like work, school, getting along with other people, and taking care of ourselves and others.

Think about the weather as another way to think about mental health. When a season changes, so does the weather. Some days are bright and sunny, which makes us happy and want to do things like go outside. Other days, however, can be dark and rainy, making you not want to leave the house. Like the weather, your mental health can go through times when you feel happy and full of energy, and it can also go through times when it gets worse and pulls you down a darker path.

A time to go out and explore your feelings

                          The smell of fresh cut grass or the sound of birds singing as they build their nests are all

                           reminders of spring time. The woodsy scent of a summer campfire.

                          The crunch of leaves in the fall air. The taste of fresh hot chocolate made

                          in local coffee shop in the winter. These are some of the sensations we're

                          experiencing  throughout our lives but most of the time we don't pay attention

                          to them. Did you know experiences like these helps you to battle everyday stress, support your mental health, improve mood, and increase life satisfaction?

Today, we're delighted to celebrate the launch of a collaboration between CCT and New Step 4 U that has been long in the making. We have worked together to produce the 'Destination - Mindfulness' guidebook as organizations but also as a group of supporters, local small businesses and volunteers. You’ll see in the guide some tips and information from a few of us involved in making it.


So, here is your guide — "Destination-Mindfulness" — a book for everyone to discover your own road to mental well-being using each of your five senses, throughout all four seasons. It is a one-of-a-kind collection of useful information on nearby nature trails, attractions, and activities, and we hope it will be a source of future motivation for its users.

Destination-Mindfulness — a book for everyone to discover your own road to mental wellbeing

Want to give a try on how to use this guide?

12 pop-up locations throughout the Great Toronto Area will allow you to firsthand experience the unique immersive learning on how to use your five senses in exploring ways to strengths your mental health and wellbeing, find new adventures and plan your future travel destinations. Big shout out to our partners for providing an opportunity and space to set up this special project.


See below our latest scheduled pop up events, click on the event name to learn more details or on directions button to see the map. Contact us if you have any questions.  

Mississauga Valley Park

Mississauga, Ontario

November 27, 2022
10AM - 6PM
Milton Holiday.png

Milton, Ontario

December 3, 2022
12PM - 6PM
Toronto Botanical Gardens.jpg

The Outdoor Gallery 

Oshawa, Ontario

December 2, 2022
9AM - 8PM
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